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Piano lessons in person with Maryvonne Evans

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Piano lessons are usually thirty minutes long until the child is older. Lessons are on an acoustic piano, but it's OK for the pupil to practise on a digital keyboard. The piano lessons are on an acoustic upright piano but for your practice, it's OK to have an electronic keyboard, digital piano or acoustic piano at home because the tuition is applicable to all these instruments. The child or adult also learns to read left hand, as well as right hand music and eventually might even play by memory. They can go at their own speed and remember that playing or progressing too fast does not produce the best results.

correct hand position

Correct hand position is essential for acquiring a good piano technique and beautiful sound in a relaxed manner. Good fingering is also important to help you progress easily and thoroughly. It's always better to start efficiently and correctly from the beginning. Maryvonne Evans provides this quality tuition for children in a relaxed and fun environment. Here's some help with starting.

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