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Clifford Evans biography and reviews

Clifford Evans was born in the UK, started to learn piano at the age of 5 and studied at the Birmingham Conservatoire, Royal Academy of Music, London and at the Leningrad Conservatoire Russia. He won many prizes and scholarships as a student including the Beethoven prize and the Principal's special prize at the Royal Academy during which time he played piano on BBC Welsh radio and TV.

Diplomas + Awards
Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Music - piano teaching - 1969 Appointed Associate of the Royal Academy of Music -1984 - in recognition of services to music. Certificate in Education - The University of Birmingham - 1976 and FISM - Fellow of the Incorporated Society of Musicians

Many well received piano concerts in the UK and Europe including the Schloss Leopoldskron in Austria where the "Sound of Music" was filmed. His piano recitals at London's South Bank Purcell Room, and many other venus, were highly praised by the music critics of the Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times and Music and Musicians. He particularly enjoys playing the piano music of Bach, Beethoven, Schumann, Brahms, Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev, Mussorgsky, Gershwin, Scott Joplin and Tippett. He has performed the following Concertos: Beethoven no 1, Schumann, Tschaikovsky no 1, Rachmaninoff no 2, Cesar Frank Symphonic Variations and Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue.

Clifford Evans reviews of concerts

Bryce Morrison, Daily Telegraph

Mr Evans' performance was warmly sympathetic ... (Studies from a Rainbow).... Mozart Variations were given with a nice sense of their alternatively perky and poker-faced humour ... The playing was tasteful and musicianly. (Chopin)... Beethoven Sonata opus 111 was performed with honesty and integrity.

Joan Chissell, The Sunday Times
Tippett's 2nd Sonata emerged with a strong sense of direction and clear-cut contrasts of liquid and percussive sonority.

Max Harrison, Music and Musicians
... a finely rounded tone amid all the rapid and angular activity (Prokofiev Sonata).... Chopin Ballade was commandingly played ... Mussorgsky Pictures at an Exhibition demonstrated an excellent technique and a particularly big tone in Baba-Yaga and Gates of Kiev .. Liszt's Waldesrauschen received a sizzling performance.

Mervyn Capel, Music and Musicians
... a highly expressive performance - in every sense a glowing account. (Winters: "Studies from a Rainbow" commissioned by Clifford Evans with funds provided by the Eastern Arts Association.

Clifford Evans Teacher Clifford has a wide range of teaching skills from adult beginners to most advanced pianists and has gained ISM Registered Private Teacher Status with DBS Enhanced Disclosure including barred list check through the ISM for the role of Private Music Teacher. He has taught at many teaching establishments, colleges and schools - including the Royal Academy of Music, Colchester Institute School of Music, Royal Wolverhampton School, St Alban's Comprehensive School Ipswich, and others. As senior partner in Marycliff Teaching, for the last 30 years he has concentrated on piano tuition lessons for adult beginners and more advanced students equally. The experience and insight which he has acquired in solving the complex challenges of piano playing has attracted advanced and professional pianists to consult with him. At the other end of the spectrum he is skillful at helping adult beginners achieve their dream of learning to play piano. One adult beginner travelled from Durham to Ipswich for lesson with Clifford, to see how he had progressed with the DVD course Learn the piano with Clifford Evans A previous pupil travelled from the USA to UK and took the opportunity to go to Clifford for a refresher lesson. Having set up a dedicated studio, he now also gives lessons online via Skype and Zoom.

Clifford has taught many who are now themselves performers, composers and both class or piano teachers both locally and abroad. One past student came to him having suffered a stroke and had limited use of the left hand. Clifford helped him to regain use of that hand and get his piano playing to a standard beyond his wildest expectations. Above all, Clifford is a great motivator and loves to empower people to achieve their dream. The result can be a wonderful and rewarding skill which may remain with you for the rest of life. The bonus is that piano can be used to relax and de-stress at the same time as progressing and having fun, especially important for busy professionals with stressful jobs.

Online piano lesson reviews
Ralph, accountant from Australia wrote on 8-08-20 : You are very kind Clifford I will never reach your height: you are a professional pianist who is encouraging and helping people like me to get back their lives in such uncertain and difficult moments, which COVID has brought to us and which we were never prepared for. This is a once in 100 years event: I never thought I would witness it, but your Piano Lessons have brought back my cheeky sense of humour and I am beginning to love to live again. It’s worth living!

Charlotte, Adult learner wrote:"He teaches and plays with his heart and soul"
I can really recommend learning to play the piano here. From the very first lesson it was clear to me that I would be learning from someone with very high standards, a strong work ethic and a meticulous approach to piano playing. The lessons are such good value for money as I am benefitting from Clifford's experience as a former concert pianist and teacher of both beginners and advanced pupils. I have been taught how to practise efficiently, which has been so important to my progress. This was particularly useful when I needed to manage my own practice during the first Covid 19 lockdown period and continue to progress online. Clifford is so enthusiastic and is so willing to share his experience. He teaches and plays with his heart and soul. This is so evident in the lesson and is really motivating.

Lynette, says: Brilliant online lessons
Was delighted to be able to resume my piano lessons online, using Skype as I surely missed my lessons during lockdown. At first I wasn't sure if the Skype lesson would be as good as the face-to-face lessons, but in fact they have exceeded all my expectations. I still have high quality teaching and Clifford is still able to demonstrate intricate techniques with his new Skype studio. I feel very relaxed and yet can still concentrate and believe I am progressing at a better rate. I can highly recommend Clifford as an excellent teacher of the piano and his Skype lessons have been brilliant.

D Peake advanced student says:
Clifford is an extremely passionate and perceptive educator of the piano. His explanations of all aspects of music-making and the physical nuances required to play the piano are communicated with great verve, depth and enthusiasm. Online lessons are fun, engaging, informative and I always feel like I am ‘making progress’. Moreover, Clifford’s insights and input have given a renewed confidence, fluidity and enjoyment to my piano playing.

Reviews of lessons in person

Matt Smith piano teacher wrote

When I first started studying with Clifford, I was 12 years old and was not very good at the piano. Clifford provided me with unlimited access to his fountain of knowledge and it was his instruction and encouragement that helped me make the transition from the young boy of 12 who could hardly play "Oh Susanna" to a 16 year old playing Beethoven's "Pathetique Sonata". He instilled me with a wealth of knowledge and inspired me to continue my studies at university, even though I had to move back to America. I now have 18 piano students of my own, and I owe it all to Clifford.

Rachael Wheatley, adult student wrote
Cliff, I cannot believe how much progress I have made since taking lessons with you. I've had approximately 10 lessons and am thrilled at my standard of playing now let alone in the future! Shame I waited so long before starting but then if I hadn't I may not have found such a wonderful, patient teacher!

Colleen Seymour adult student, wrote
I could find another teacher, but you are the best, and I'd rather learn from you.

Justin Grassi - graphics designer says
Cliff Evans was the best teacher I've ever had.

Reviews of piano course by Cong Nguyen - USA
I was very impressed with the presentation, lesson arrangement and especially the graphics. To say the least, a picture is worth a thousand words. Despite the fact that the videos are for beginners I think they will benefit me tremendously in terms of techniques, methods and exercises, especially the video number 2. Overall, I can't say enough, how satisfied I am with the videos.

Michael Lamb: Isle of Man
I have had, and continue to have immense enjoyment from this course and find the videos invaluable, because watching the pieces played properly enables one to try and mimic them and actually, they boost the determination factor as well. The course is really very good and enables anybody to take it at their own pace. Many thanks for this excellent course.

Andrew Cooper, Canada wrote
It's obvious this in no childish ABC method. There's a seriousness of approach that I think will appeal to a lot of adults who really want to learn piano. The book is excellent too, and easy to understand - quite complex by the time we reach Ave Maria. Seeing the notes illustrated on the video really does help. I think the illustration of the correct way to sit at the keyboard will help a lot of kids get it right.

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